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How Manual Therapy and Self Mobilizations Can Help Fight Running Injuries

Hands-on treatments to discover and treat running injuries have helped me professionally and personally throughout my life. Manual therapy is really a hard skill for physical therapists to learn. The ability to find the flaws and stiffness in another person and recognize the biomechanical details of it by touch alone is a psychomotor skill that really does take 10,000 hours of practice with ongoing instruction to master.


It’s the complete relationship between the therapist and patient in a groove, almost intuitively understanding the problem together. That’s what our hands are on; physical therapist that doesn’t use manual therapy doesn’t have that. It’s a beyond measure quality. Not every therapist can master manual therapy to that height. Training a lot of young therapists is not an easy task as their skill levels do vary.

Self Mobilizations
As a runner, you should know when manual therapy in Hammond is being done right by a therapist. You can feel when your therapist finds that warmth and stiffness, and gets in there and activates it and releases it. Self-mobilizations are a key to success. You are the best person to find that area of tenderness and work on it as you are the one who feels it directly. You control the muscle contraction and relaxation .If you can master self-mobilizations, you won’t have to depend so much on finding the right therapist.


Running Injury Recovery Program
In the running injury recovery program, you should feel tenderness, muscle contraction, and muscle relaxation while you are doing your self-mobilization and stretching exercises. Though, the best way for you to really know good manual therapy skills is to receive good manual therapy. If you visit to a manual therapist, pay attention while he or she works on you, and try to outline out how they get into the right spot with their hands, or with a mobilization tool. If you can experience them finding and working on the problem spot, try to do the same thing yourself at home to help develop your own self-mobilization skills. Even if you visit a therapist who knows the manual therapy procedures but doesn’t explicitly know the running injuries, you can still discover some good self-management procedures from them.